thai names

We all wish the best for our children. Any loving parent would always take a long time to find the right name for his or her future son or daughter. Some would even go to the extent of going to the internet and look for names that would have appropriate meanings that they all want to imbue on their kids like kindness, understanding, a ray of light and things that are alike.

It is because of these small, simple, and charming gesture that we have looked into the most common Thai names that have wholesome meanings.

Most Common Thai Names and Their Meanings

  • Somchai
  • Malee
  • Paithoon
  • Chakrii
  • Arthit
  • Anong
  • Duangkamol
  • Preeda


A lot of parents would do anything for their children. Their only wish in exchange for that is for them to acknowledge their worth. For simple kids, it is hard for them to comprehend how precious they are and how much of a treasure they are to their parents. So the Thai people gave birth to the name Somchai.

Somchai is one of the masculine Thai names which mean ‘man of worth’. As the name suggests, it is a name that can be used to remind a person of their potential. Truly inspirational when you think about it. If you were given that name, you’d be reminded of your worth everytime someone calls your name.


There are so many different approaches to naming a baby. Some would take time to find a name. Others would already have it even when the baby is not yet conceived. And a small portion would find the name suitable for the baby as soon as they hear the baby’s first cry.

The parents who do the latter would oftentimes come up with the simplest of Thai names, but one of the purest. Malee is a female name that would roughly translate to ‘flower’. A very simple name with a lot of amazing meanings. It shows how much of a beauty the child is to her parents.


Paithoon might sound weird for you since the name identically sounds like that of a deadly snake, but you might be in for a surprise. Mostly used as a name for a person who is keen and has amazing and impressive eyesight, this is a name that roughly translates to ‘cat’s eye.’ It is a name fitting for a spotter and a person who has a penchant for observation.

This name also has different meanings depending on the region that you are in. Regardless of that, the name is given to a person who has a talent for observation. The name is one of the very rare unisex Thai names which means that it can be the name of either male or female.


One of the simple yet, impactful names around Thailand is Chakrii. This name has a certain exclusivity to it since it translates to ‘king.’ Back then this was a name that only the royals or people with high societal standings could use without a problem.

If ever you named your child Chakrii when you are a poor family, your whole family would become a laughing stock. But thankfully Thailand has grown out of that stigma and moved on into giving more freedom and less judgement towards a family. The name would simply translate to ‘King’ but if you give it more thought, it could be fully understood as ‘A man who will one day be king.’ It is a bit cringy now that you have given it a thought, but king probably is the most epic name you could name your son.


Thailand is home to a lot of amazing cultures, fables, religion and people. One of the Thai names that reflect all of these is Arthit. This male name originated from the Thai word ‘Man of the Sun’ – a throwback to their religion and their history. To give you a wider perspective, Thailand has a God named Surya who identifies himself as a male deity. He who holds two lotus buds in his raised hands to evoke the life-affirming power of the sun.

There are so many epics about the Sun God’s sons. The name ‘Arthit’ signifies that your son was a gift from the Gods as well. Another rough translation for this is hardworking, persistent, and strong.


Another simple and self-explanatory name that means more than it lets on is the feminine name Anong. Anong is a name that is derived from the Thai word ‘gorgeous.’ Surely enough, there are so many females that adore this name since they really have to live up to it. They are always reminded of their beauty and take good care of themselves.

A lot of people do not know this, but the effects of a name to a person who owns it is immeasurable. A person whose name means kindness will surely be kind and understanding. And that idea translates well with this Thai name as well.


‘The most amazing things come from the heart’, as the people say. Everybody appreciates things that were made from the heart. Whether it be cooking, making cards, gifts and anything else, a simple gesture that came from the heart is worth more than that of gold. And that is what this name is. The name literally means ‘from the heart’ and once again serves as a reminder of what the bearer means to his or her parents.


Parents would always smile at the idea of making their baby giggle and laugh. The name Preeda is given to female children whom their parents wish would be a joyful individual in the future. Again the name was kept simple to remind the child of what she should be. The meaning is also vague enough that it can be interpreted in multiple ways.

There are so many outstanding names around the world that would surely fit your precious son or daughter. It’s finding the right one that is important. Always remember that a name should not only be a name to call a person by, but it could also be a reminder of who they are, who they are supposed to be, or how important and loved they are by their parents. It could be as simple as a certain phrase or even a mixture of the parents’ names. It is all up to you in the end.