spanish swear words

When you are visiting a certain country, the worst thing that would happen to you is get in trouble with the locals and stir something up. Nobody would want that to happen, not when they are doing their best to be absorbed in the country that they are in.

Spanish Swear Words

Most people who learned the Spanish language tend to practice it in the place where the language is spoken. There, they try to communicate with the locals to see how far they have progressed with the language. A person who wishes to speak fluent Spanish would go out of their way to say every word in the Spanish vocabulary except for a few. Here are some Spanish swear words that you should never say when in Spain.

  • Joder
  • Me importa un Pepino
  • Tu Puta Madre en Bicicleta
  • Pendejo
  • Gilipollas
  • Hijo de las Mil Putas
  • Vete a Freír Espárragos
  • Que te Folle un Pez


Let’s start with the more tolerable ones. Joder is a phrase that you would always hear when you are in Spain. It is used in different kinds of exclamations and expressions and if used right, might be enough to incite violence. Roughly translated as ‘fuck’, it is used in multiple scenarios and can fit in different sentences. It’s a very interesting word, but it might be a landmine for Spanish language learners.

Me importa un Pepino

Say this sentence twice. Take your time. Now that you have finished giggling, this swear word is still in the more tolerable side of swearing, but it still would cause you trouble if misused. When translated roughly this swear word would mean ‘my Manhood is important’, but that is just the rough translation of it. The real translation for this swear word is ‘I don’t give a cucumber’ a more watered down version of ‘I don’t give a fuck’ but has the same implications. As a tourist, however, you might want to move away from even using this since you really should care about stuff.

Tu Puta Madre en Bicicleta

Now, while there are more quaint and easier ways to decline or turn down an offer violently, this phrase was not really made for the faint of hearts. While other countries strive to create insults that are hurtful and threatening, you can trust the Spanish people to develop such an insult so creative it would make you chuckle. ‘Tu puta madre en bicicleta’ is a standing proof that the world needs to up their game when it comes to insults. When translated, this means ‘Your whore mother on a bike.’ Hearing this insult will surely take people aback when used. But as the upstanding person you are, let’s just pray that you don’t get into an altercation where you have to use this foul insult.


We all have that friend who is scared of simple things that we are originally supposed to be accustomed to. Regardless of age, there are still people who have different simple phobias like the thunder during the storm or even the darkness. The Spanish language has a degrading term for people who are scared of such trivial things, and that is pendejo. It is mostly thrown at people who are cowards or wimps. The word has taken a lot more meaning and would be thrown around alongside the insults like an idiot and ugly between friends.


While we throw the words idiot, stupid, and even mentally challenged claims around, you can trust the Spanish people to spice it up a little bit more. Gilipollas is the term that is often used during serious and meaningful quarrels. It’s the kind of word that an irate person would use to notify the other party that they are not joking around any more and that they are being serious.

When translated the word ‘gilipollas’ means ‘stupid dick.’ Looking at it from our perspective, it kind of sounds funny and the meaning in itself is hilarious. But in certain parts of the Spanish speaking countries, when this word is brought out, you would certainly feel the change in the atmosphere.

Hijo de las Mil Putas

Before we continue, we really have to point out one thing that the Spanish speaking people have over the world. Their obnoxious creativity when it comes to inflicting pain and their knowledge to know where it hurts the most.

We all have that obsolete respect for our mothers, the person who loved, cared and put everything on hold to provide you with the care you more than deserve. That is why this next one is known to be the epitome of the Spanish creative and hurtful insults. ‘Hijo de las Mil Putas’ takes your standard ‘son of a bitch’ and gives it an additional boost of hurt and you end up with an insult that can be roughly translated to ‘son of a thousand prostitutes.’ Surprisingly enough this insult had gone down from its hurtful pedestal and has now been generally used for a person who is irritating.

Vete a Freír Espárragos

We all have those days where we do not want any kind of human interaction. Those days where you simply want arguments to end with a bang with you walking and not looking back at the explosion. The term that would best suit that is the insult ‘Go fuck yourself.’ It is an insult that can stop a person on his tracks. While the English speaking countries have this to work with, the Spanish language has a more amusing yet surprisingly insulting word. That is ‘go fry asparagus.’

Que te Folle un Pez

Now that you are aware of the insults that the Spanish people spout in their daily lives, surely enough this next selection would not surprise you by now. ‘Que te Folle un Pez’ simply means ‘I hope you get fucked by a fish’. Pretty simple, right? We are pretty sure that the damage the person on the receiving end would feel a whole lot more with that.

There are a lot more creative and offending words that a common Spaniard knows. And being a person who is visiting the country, you should be more respectful. Never use these kinds of insults towards a local.

This article was created for you to be aware of the words when they are used towards you.