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Take action and make sure your Slovenian translations are placed on capable hands.

OPAL Translation has hired Slovenian translators who are native speakers who have the knowledge, experience, qualifications and skillset who can deliver high-quality Slovenian translation services. Our Slovenian NAATI translators know the subtleties of both the English and Slovenian language.

For every translation project that we receive, we assign the translator who is specialised in that particular topic and experts in dealing with the document’s subject matter. As such, each finished translation has preserved the source document’s message.

If you send us a legal contract for translation, we will match it to a Slovenian translator who is adept at handling legal contracts. If you are in need of a Slovenian NAATI translator for a marketing manual, we’ll assign someone who has enough experience and background in marketing.

Our amazing team of Slovenian NAATI translators, customer support representatives and project managers are standing by to provide you with the best Slovenian translation services. Avail of our Slovenian translation services now.

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We provide FREE instant quotes 24/7 on our Slovenian translation services. You just have to fill in your details in the contact form and click the submit button so we can email you the exact quote in only 15 minutes.

Slovenian Translation Services by OPAL Translation

Our Slovenian translation services can help you process your University admissions, visa applications, job applications, and immigration. For businesses, we can help you reach your target market by translating your English content to Slovenian which your audience prefers.

We prioritise responsiveness, speed and quality for our Slovenian translation services. We value our clients and strive to provide fast Slovenian translation services without affecting the text’s original message. All of our Slovenian translation projects are handled with professionalism and utmost care.

Documents We Translate

Here are some of the documents we translate today. If you don’t see your document on the list, you can contact us on the Live Chat below and receive a reply in just a few minutes!

  • Slovenian Academic Transcripts
  • Slovenian Birth Certificates
  • Slovenian Business Documents
  • Slovenian Death Certificates
  • Slovenian Divorce Decrees
  • Slovenian Driver’s Licences
  • Slovenian ID Cards
  • Slovenian Legal Contracts
  • Slovenian Marriage Certificates
  • Slovenian Medical Records
  • Slovenian Marketing Manuals
  • And all other Slovenian Documents

Slovenian Translation Services FAQs

We’ve received hundreds of questions for the past seven years regarding our Slovenian translation services. For this reason, we compiled some of the frequently asked questions to help answer your own questions.

How much are your translations?

We offer Slovenian translation services for as low as AU $69. Our pricing varies on each document’s complexity, language and turnaround time. Check out our low rates by requesting a quote for your Slovenian document. Simply complete the translation form found on this page.

How long can you translate my document?

As mentioned above, we have fast Slovenian translation services. Our translators can usually finish a document that is three pages or less in 2 to 3 working days.

For faster Slovenian translation services for urgent cases, we have Express and Instant Slovenian translation services where you will be able to receive a high-quality translation that’s NAATI accredited in less than 24 hours.

Avail of Our Slovenian Translation Services

Complete the translation form and receive a free quote. Afterwards, pay for your order via credit cards, PayPal or online banking. Once the translation is complete, we will email you a translation draft and ask for you to review it. If you are satisfied with the draft, we will send you the final soft copy via email. Upon your request, we can also send you a hard copy by post (additional postage and handling fee applies).

5 Slovenian Language Trivia and FactsSlovenian Translation Services

  1. Slovenian is the first ever written Slavic language. Experts believe that it is one of the oldest languages in Europe.
  2. The language has more than 2 million native speakers in fifty dialects.
  3. Throughout the centuries, the Slovenian language is what kept the nation intact. In 1991, it finally gained its independence.
  4. The Slovenian language is the 12th language that has a complete Bible translation.
  5. Slovenian has added the letters Č, Š, Ž in the modern Czech alphabet. It doesn’t use the X and Y letters.

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