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Slovak Translation Services

For exceptional Slovak translation services, look no further than OPAL Translation! We are the leading provider of Slovak translation services in Australia. For more than seven years, we have provided outstanding Slovak translation services to various clients ranging from small businesses, individuals, community organisations, global brands and government agencies.

We have a wide network of Slovak NAATI translators, who are experts in handling translation projects for all kinds of fields such as medical, business, legal, engineering, financial, technical and many others. Whether you need a Slovak to English or English to Slovak translation, we can help you.

Our Slovak translation services provide you with highly skilled project managers and experienced Slovak NAATI translators. Upon receiving your translation request, we allocate your document to the most qualified translator who has an in-depth understanding of your content. Our project managers will oversee the translation process and make sure you receive your document fast and accurate.

Avail of our Slovak translation services today and experience what it’s like to choose the leading Slovak translation services provider in Australia.

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24/7 Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer support staffs are available 24/7 to answer any of your queries. You can get in touch any time of the day and receive a reply in a few seconds via the Live Chat Box. While our email support takes 15 to 30 minutes to reply to your queries.

Fast Translations

In a hurry? Why not try our Instant Slovak translation services? We have developed a system where you will receive your Slovak translation in less than 24 hours. How great is that? You don’t have to wait for days. With our Urgent Slovak translation services, we make sure you have your document in the least possible time without affecting the document’s quality.

Let us know if you want to order one of our Instant Slovak translation services through the Live Chat below or the online free quote form.

Affordable Services

If you are on a budget, our Slovak translation services are perfect for you! For as low as AU $69, you will get a document that’s high quality and translated by a NAATI certified Slovak translator. We guarantee that any Australian authority will accept your Slovak translation.

Our pricing varies depending on each document’s complexity, subject matter, number of pages and deadline. To get a FREE translation quote for your document, simply complete the free quote form found on this page and the detailed estimate will be sent to your email in just 15 minutes!

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  1. Fill in your details in the online form you see on this page, and we will provide you with an exact quote in a few minutes.
  2. Pay for your order via PayPal fund transfer, online banking or credit cards.
  3. A draft of the finished translation will be sent to you via email once the translation is completed. We will ask you to check the draft and send us your approval if you are satisfied.
  4. Then, you will receive the certified soft copy of your translation via email. Upon your request, we’ll also send you a hard copy by Post (additional postage and handling fee applies).

About the Slovak Language Slovak Translation Services

The Slovak language has close to 5.2 million native speakers. It is spoken mostly in Slovakia, Poland, Western Ukraine, Czech Republic and Hungary. The language belongs to the Indo-European group of languages and is the official language in Slovakia, UE and Czech Republic.  The Slovak language uses the Latin writing system and features words that have the same spelling but different meanings and pronunciation.