Dinka translationOPAL Translation provides you the right Dinka translator to accommodate your Dinka translation needs at an affordable rate and a fast turnaround time. There’s no wonder that for over 7 years, client’s from right across Australia have chosen OPAL Translation!

Dinka NAATI Translator

Our professional Dinka translators provide Dinka translation services with an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, target language, and source language.  OPAL Translation ensures that your most specialized documents will be taken care of by an experienced Dinka translator that’s NAATI certified.

Whether you are looking for a translation of your Dinka document to English or English document to Dinka, OPAL translation will provide you with the highest quality of service.

About the Dinka Language

The Dinka language is a Nilo-Saharan language. It is spoken and used by one of the most powerful and largest ethnic groups in Southern Sudan, the Dinka. Nowadays, there are around 2-3 million speakers while existing in five major dialect divisions. Another term used to cover all of these Dinka languages is ‘Jaang’. But the Rek of Tonj dialect is the prestige or ‘standard’ variety.

Dinka Translation Services

It is then further classified as a part of the subfamily of Dinka-Nuer, which is part of Western Nilotic, which is a part of the Eastern Sudanic. The language closely related to Dinka is Nuer which is the language of the Dinka’s traditional rivals. Some other major languages related are Luo/Dholuo, Shilluk, and Acholi.

Its users mainly reside in the Nile’s vicinity, specifically the Sudanese provinces of Upper Nile, Southern Kurdufan, and Bahr el Ghazal.

Why Choose OPAL Translation

OPAL Translation is the leading Dinka translation service in Australia. We continuously provide Government departments and Australian businesses an exceptional Dinka translation service that’s delivered by the most experienced and NAATI certified Dinka translators.

We are trusted by major global brands such as Fujitsu, Western Union, Minter Ellison and Salvation Army just to name a few.

Our team of Dinka translators is highly skilled in translating documents and our in-house quality check and validation ensures that clients receive high-quality Dinka translated documents.  OPAL Translation’s experience and management process allow us to quickly respond to your requests and deliver excellent results in the shortest time possible.

Let us know your language needs and get a free quote of our Dinka translation service by filling up the form on this page. We will get back to you in as fast as 15 minutes!

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We Translate All Kinds of Documents

Our professional Dinka translators can translate any document for you, including driver’s licenses, school diplomas, police checks, divorce certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and other personal documents.

All Dinka translated documents are guaranteed to have 100% acceptance rate in authorities who require NAATI certified Dinka translation of documents.

How long can you finish the translation?

Our Dinka translators can finish a document in 2-3 days. But if you are in a hurry, we can provide you a fast turnaround for your translation with our Express and Instant Dinka translation services.

Simply inform us when you need the document by completing the enquiry form located on this page.

NAATI Accredited

Express Service Option

Competitive Prices

Pricing for Dinka Translations - for individuls

Translation of Dinka documents to English are priced at a per document rate as 1 page documents are mostly used for immigration purposes.

In a hurry? We offer various translation speed offerings to suit your needs. Simply, send scanned copies of your documents in the enquiry form found on this page to receive a firm quote for our Dinka translator service. Please note that the pricing below is indicative only.

OPAL Standard

$69/ per document

  • 2-3 Business Days Turnaround by email
  • NAATI Accredited Professional Translation

OPAL Instant

$330/ per document

  • 2 Hour Turnaround by email
  • NAATI Accredited Professional Translation

Pricing for Dinka Translations - for Business & Government

Translation of ‘non-standard’ documents are priced at a per 100 word rate.

Are you in a hurry?  With our Express and Instant Translation Service, our Dinka translators can finish your document within your deadline. Simply complete the enquiry form, inform us of your deadline and attach your documents. We will email you with a firm quote in 15 minutes. The pricing below is for indicative purposes only. Rates vary depending on factors such as language, delivery schedule and availability.

OPAL Budget

$21/ per 100 words

  • Professional translation
  • General text only

OPAL Advanced

$26/ per 100 words

  • Professional translation
  • Technical subject matter

OPAL Technical + Checking

$39/ per 100 words

  • Professional translation
  • Technical subject matter
  • Checking by a 2nd translator