arabic words

The Arabic language is one of the languages that stuck to its roots and had no massive changes throughout its existence. It is widely loved by linguists and historians alike. Aside from its own letters, the language has been one of the languages that paved the way for modern languages, showing influence throughout the world.

The Arabic language is also the 5th most spoken language in the world and is spoken by almost 20 countries till this day.

Arabic Words

In today’s post, we are going to look at the Arabic language and some defining Arabic words that will make you appreciate the language more.

  • Horeeya
  • Noor
  • Saha
  • Marhaba
  • Inshallah
  • Intisaar
  • Najaat
  • Salam A’Alaykom
  • Amal
  • Dam Khafeef
  • Hob


Horeeya might be very close to the term ‘hooray’ that we know and use during victories and cheers. It’s likely to say that this word is where that term came from, but there is no proof since the language is really old. Plus, there is nothing written to back the claim.

Aside from that, the word simply means freedom, which fuels the theory even more. Regardless of the story and the relationship between the language of old and now, this is one of the Arabic words that are still pure in the hearts of every Arab.


If you ever find yourself lost in the dark with nothing in front of you and nothing to cling to, then you should rely on your family for they are the ‘noor’ – the Arabic term for light.

This ancient word has found its way from the history books and into the modern day language. Although used to describe the light that comes from the sun, this also is a word that has biblical and inspirational meaning, and the Arabic population use it wisely.


Saha is a really hard word to explain since it is the oldest word that was used for a particular action. This is one of the most popular Arabic words.

Used when someone sneezes, this is the Arabic translation of ‘bless you’ -something we usually say when somebody sneezes violently.

The word ‘saha’ also has another use rather than meaning, and that is when you wish a person good health and prosperity. If you ask us, the word saha is easier to say than bless you either way.


Some people that travel in Arab nations will never forget this word since it is one of the first Arabic words that they hear. Marhaba is a term that would be generally used to welcome a person. It is also a word that can be used as a greeting to fellow Arabs.

What makes this word beautiful is how simple and mundane it is but the feeling you get when you hear it for the first time yourself is simply bliss.


This is a word that is beloved by the Arab people. Mostly used by the elderly, Inshallah is used when you are advising a person to hope. ‘If God is willing’ is what this word means and it is used in more ways than one. If God is willing you will win this game. Or I will forgive you if God is willing.


Another word that inspires a lot of people is Instaar. This word is generally used as a cheer for people who strive to do better in sports. You would hear this screamed at packed stadiums and sports huddles. It is also part of a person’s prayer in the face of a challenge.


Following Instaar is Najaat. This word is also another part of every Arabic individual’s life. This is one of their lifetime ambitions – that is to find ‘salvation.’ This is a part of Arabic words that are used primarily in the religious part of Arabic culture and much less used in public settings. What makes this language so beloved is the fact that Arabic families are known to be highly spiritual and God-fearing in nature.

Salam A’Alaykom

If you look at it closely, you would find that this word would be a hard read. But if you take the time and put a little bit of effort to it, then you will have a lovely greeting in your vocabulary.

Salam A’Alaykom is really one of the most defining greetings that would properly introduce you to the Arab culture. When you translate it, it will read ‘peace be upon you.’ If you think that is not endearing, you should pinch yourself. What makes this a fantastic word is how it is used to greet other people in exchange for good mornings and good evenings.


We have taken a lot of words that are used biblically, and we have learned quite a few. So here is another one of the beautiful Arabic words that would be a fine addition to your Arabic vocabulary – that is ‘hope.’ Amal is a word that can best describe every person who has an Arabic background, they are hopeful and follow their religion with conviction.

Dam Khafeef

While other words have biblical and spiritual translations, some Arabic words would have a much more common and down to earth vibe to them than the others. One of these Arabic words that show more of the humorous side of the Arabs are the words Dam Khafeef.

Dam Khafeef is an Arabic word that translates to light blooded. Now, before you take a step back, this does not mean that the person in question is anemic. No, it is a term that is most commonly used to describe a person who is funny, and easy going. Yes, The Arabs have humour too.


Throughout every word that you have read in this post, this is the most important among them all. Of course, you already know it. Hob means ‘love’ and nothing changes that.

The Arabic language is one of the hardest languages to learn, but when you invest your time and effort in learning Arabic words, then you would surely realise that it is a beautiful language as well.